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Jatta is a bhakti reggae musical expression with deep roots in Vedic culture and Rastafarian music based in the northern rivers region of NSW. The collective draws from life experiences as diverse as international touring with Michael Franti, decades living and working in a Hindu Ashram and travelling the globe with the Rainbow Tribe for over 40 years - Jatta represents the eternal search for genuine authentic spirituality in reggae musical under tones overlaid with centuries old songs and prayers written by revered Saints and Acharyas. Whether it’s deep meditation in slow pulsating grooves or ecstatic dancing whipping up dervish frenzies, Jatta will bring an experience that will fully uplift your mind body and soul. With their debut album ’Sankirtan’ due to be released in 2022 Jatta are touring nationally and internationally to spread their unique and authentic brand of musical meditation.