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Based in Byron Bay with ripples felt all over South East Queensland, KIMMY. maintain a secure reputation of uplifting and high energy performances with bountiful positive vibrations. Touting a unique and charismatic vibe, and an energetic presence on stage, Kimmy, side by side with his talented friends, captures something truly special in delivering one of the truest and most vivacious reggae concerts today. The 5-year journey of KIMMY. has now led to the completion of his first EP ‘Seeking my Dreams’. It is available on all online platforms. With embodied positivity, grounded humility and good vibrations, Kimmy is focused on spreading his message and will be harmoniously echoing through people’s minds worldwide. With seeds planted in roots reggae, Brazilian-born, Kim Souza has worked tirelessly to grow his dream into reality. The birth of KIMMY. (Band) allowed Kim’s vision to grow from busking on street corners in Byron Bay into an acclaimed band production fit for any stage. Using a collaboration of the best local talent, KIMMY bring their wide musical influences together to create an explosion of sound and flavour. With hints of Brazilian swing and a pinch of rap, samba, R&B, funk and blues, the heritage of roots reggae is brought to life, captivating all audiences. The combination of musical flavours and the infectious energy is what makes KIMMY so magical.