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Nano - Portugal

Menog is Daniel Bernardo, a world renowned psychedelic trance artist from Coimbra, Portugal. A musician almost since birth, his musical career began playing guitar then drums in his early 90s metal band. His introduction and interest for electronic music started in 1995 with the techno scene in Portugal, in 1997 he attended his first Trance event, and after Boom Festival 1998 made a decision to create this type of music. Four years later, in 2002, Dani released his first album "Natural Behaviour" under the name Menog on the label Starsounds Rec. from Greece. Menog has released five albums, and has tracks on many compilations. His music appears on compilations from labels such as Nano,Nutek, 3Division, Shiva Space Tech, Phantasm , SpaceTribe Music, Digital Psionics, Acidance, Timecode, Nexus Media, Planet Ben, Fungi rec , Noize Conspiracy, Hadra, and Spectral Records of course! His currently working on his new album that will be released on Nano Records. Menog performs his music worldwide through his emotional and enthusiastic live appearances. Emotions are what he wants to transmit to people when playing live, on stage. His music is a story with a beginning, middle and ending. His tracks are made with a single purpose... to make people DANCE!!