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Miramorf is the project of Myles Boyd, a composer, producer, performer and instrumentalist. Starting music at a young age, Myles embarked upon a journey in classical guitar, performing concerts and eisteddfods from the age of 5 and winning many prestigious awards right up until his adult life. In parallel to the classical education Myles had interest in multiple other genres including jazz, flamenco, blues, folk and world fusion music, undertaking many performances outside the setting of the concert hall.After a year of study at an elite conservatorium, training to be a concert guitarist, Myles left with a vision of utilizing technology as a means of composition preceded by exposure to various modern musicians who were already harnessing the vast and endless possibilities and timbres of electronically generated music.Myles now enthusiastically explores the realms of electronic production, quite eclectically, revering this platform as a great foundation for a synthesis of styles and traditions. Currently his solo work includes many experimental compositions under the alias “Miramorf” which have been performed live at several music festivals. With much musicality and theoretical knowledge, he has been able to incorporate some unique nuances and features, using software generated instruments in collaborative endeavors and is developing large scale projects incorporating a multitude of instrumentalists, orchestration, fusion, multimedia presentations and film scoring.