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Born into the confines of a little coastal zoo on the shores of Aotearoa, PANDORRR grew up feeling somewhat vulnerable. Gifted with two black eyes, constantly threatened, and faced with the pressures of breeding in captivity - our furry friend realised that there must be more to life. That things didn't have to be so black and white... Using a bamboo bobby pin, they escaped into the night and began an expedition far and wide, searching for an embarrassment of pandas living in the wild to get weird and wonky with. But all the pandas were in hiding, taking refuge from their pending endangerment. Just when this lonesome furball was about to give up all hope - panda head deep within panda paws - they felt a deep rumble underfoot. The whole valley shuddered, dust rising, birds in flight. And at that moment, a rich tapestry of music erupted from within the earth, echoing against the mountains, trickling down the rivers, dancing to the beat of every eardrum. It was then that PANDORRR fell in love. Not with some randy panda they had fantasised about, no. But with the primal sounds and tribal tunes and bamboo grooves that suddenly surrounded them. With that, they began assembling and mixing every mystic morsel, to bring all the pandas out of the woodwork, for a solid stomp session, where they could feast and share, without fear, or embarrassment. And so it was... This is their mating call.