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Resident of S.E.QLD, Australia, Paul Abad has been part of the electronic music scene for over 20 years. In that time, he has explored a wide range of sounds and influences, but these days it's the many flavours of techno grooves at the heart of Paul's musical activities. Paul takes a unique and sculptural approach to the art of DJing, with a multi channel ableton setup incorporating tracks, loops and effects, brought together on the model one mixer. Flow, groove, space, tension and progression are key themes in Paul's sets, but of primary importance is the mix - recombining and layering, responding to an audience, and being present in the moment. With a sonic range covering everything from warehouse/acid, to progressive and melodic techno, and deeper k-house and voodoo tech- house grooves, Paul’s sets are deeply steeped in the soul of techno, and inspired by the Australian outdoor festival dance music culture. Paul is also the driving force behind S.E.QLD's Earth Frequency Festival and has been a label dj for Open Records since 2007.