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Pspiralife has always been involved in music from a young age focussing on the drum kit & Guitar. He began with Country, Blues & Rock, moved through Grunge & Heavy Metal, and then went on to study Classical, Latin, Jazz & Funk around 2003. He then found a deep passion in Psy Trance production. An adventure that is appropriate for any time of the day or night, The Pspiralife experience is a fresh, fun, and dynamic, Omnidirectional journey fusing of a wide spectrum of various Psy Trance sub-genres. Whilst keeping the signature Australian dark progressive undertone, elements of Forest, Techno, EDM, Neuro, Classical, Jazz, and Cinematic film are also present. With regular releases on Zenon Records, Pspiralife has performed at many festivals in Australia, Europe & Brazil alongside artists such as Grouch, Headroom, Sensient, Ryanosaurus, Hypogeo, Talpa, Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Tetrameth, Mystical Complex, and many more.