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Deep in the jungles west of Byron Bay, a Rainbird has hatched, embarking on it’s exploration and erudition of how music affects the brain in a collective environment - for instance, a dancefloor. Rainbird is a boundless experimental 4x4 project, blending psychedelia with a fresh new age twist throughout hefty basslines with bouncing tendencies, falling somewhere in between bush techno, prog, house and glitch hop. After years working with Zenon Records, Kalya Scintilla’s Merkaba Music and Smoke Sign’s Werk It Music, Rainbird is now a core member of the Stone Seed family, spearheading the Australian bush techno movement. From his acclaimed Naturalist, Naturalist Remixed and Cicada EPs (Stone Seed) through to The Inquisitor (Perfect Stranger’s Digital Structures imprint) and Desiderata Remix (Canada’s Techgnosis Records), Rainbird has proven his position on the forefront of the outdoor music contemporary culture. Originally performing at doofs and festivals with all original DJ and live sets at just 16 years old, Rainbird has evolved into a regular and favoured performer at Splendour In The Grass, Rabbits Eat Lettuce & Bohemian Beatfreaks, whilst also gracing Subsonic Music Festival, Origins of Entropy, Esoteric and all corners of the country. Unable to contain his creativity to just one guise, Rainbird pioneers two other projects of equal musical genius: Organic Distortion (progressive psytrance project signed to Iboga Records and Alien Records) and Square Eyes (DNB / dubstep).