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Robert Curgenven is an Ireland-based, Australian-born artist producing albums, performances and installations. His work emphasizes physicality, our embodied response to sound and its correspondence to location, air, weather and architecture. His recorded output includes SIRÈNE, pipe organ works, for his Recorded Fields Editions; Oltre and Built Through for LINE imprint; and Climata, recorded in 15 of James Turrell’s Skyspaces across 9 countries. Kat McDowall’s work embraces the abstract and the physical in equal measures and in a very concrete approach. In a past life she was a vocalist for 10 years in a performance art and music group. Creating installations, organising events and performing at festivals and underground venues across Australia and Europe, the band was noted for their decadent costumes and stimulating performances. More recently, McDowall has undertaken solo physical performances including Performance Art Oslo as well as residencies in Forte Marghera (Venice) and Oxford Art Factory (Sydney).