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Introducing Brisbane’s original nutta TOMIX!. The man of amen fuelled roller mayhem! Discovering his passion for D&B and the art of music production from age 17, TOMIX has been honing his craft for his entire adult life. His idols were local D&B stalwarts Kim De la hey, Kosha D, Erther and Operon; he hoped one day to emulate the vibes they could create. After years of experimentation; TOMIX managed to hook up with Brisbane jungle label Run track Records, who helped provide initial exposure to an enthusiastic worldwide audience. Connections with Great Casual Rhythms and 8Ball Audio continue to further highlight the distinct sound of this loose cannon. Razor sharp percussion punctuating searing real baselines is the groundwork, a smattering of jangling breakbeats and raga vibes completes the picture. Now at age 34, the construction foreman and family man has played back to back shows supporting some of the biggest internationals in the world. Sets that slide right in amongst those of his idols who are now considered family. TOMIX is also seeing massive support globally from many UK labels such as Planet_Misteron, Timless Audio and Drippyboiii.