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A tribute set produced and presented for and by the Earth Frequency community celebrating Tony Allison's life. ARTIST, photographer, environmentalist, event producer - Tony embodied the ultra-creative, nature-loving, social justice seeking the essence of a radical creative activist. Mr Allison was as much a part of the underground art, music and creative communities in regional Australia as he was of the off-the-beaten-path in South-East Asia, facilitating groups of young people learning about reforestation and orangutan conservation. He donated his time and energy for 6 months of each year in Indonesia since his involvement as a Production Manager for feature-length documentary 'Rise Of The Eco-Warriors' starting back in 2011. Tony was born in Buderim, Sunshine Coast QLD, where he grew up and put his first 'gigs' together as a teenager, doing lighting for the local theatre company and working as a photographer for a local news publication. Tony was always on the go with multiple projects - starting out on the production team that did the lighting show for the Brisbane World Expo in 1988. Through the 90's he was production manager for David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, U2 and many more international acts and festivals The Big Day Out and Livid - eventually burning out of the high octane showbiz world and grounding into a more grass-roots underground lifestyle based down on the community of Bundagen on the mid-north coast of NSW. Offering his skills and creativity for many of the emerging artists and event producers - Tony could be found operating pop-up chill stages, giving impromptu dancefloor photography classes or mentoring young people in the art of film-making. We celebrate Tony as a beloved elder of the scene and honour him in this tribute set.