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By now we're sure everyone is familiar with the funky, bass-tastic duo Mood Swing & Chevy Bass. But did you know these two firecrackers didn't get their start in the industry on their own merit? Nay nay, they were trained and mentored by two of the hardest, most gangsta Nanna's this side of the Hemisphere. Troody Swing & Cheryl Bass began their funk-frothin' journey by going to the wrong community hall. What they thought was their weekend knitting class ended up being an off-chops rave, filled to the brim with dancers, performers, and DJs. Upon seeing this, the Nannas became hip (while throwing a hip), and decided to pursue their need for chunky baselines. If you enjoy popping the kettle on and listening to face-scrunching tracks, be sure to catch Troody and Cheryl.. lest you cop a walking cane to the ass!