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Higher Recordings

Venturing through realms of various techno styles, innovative progressive & high energy psychedelia; Volkiene's sets explore a diverse range of captivating energies with strong emphasis on intriguing progression & empowering charge. Paired with his drumming background, Cam Volkiene bridges gaps between live performance & Dj, delivering unique, hybrid Dj sets incorporating digital drums, creative looping & sampling. Having since breaking into Australia's outdoor doof scene in early 2015, Cam's consistent efforts have seen him gain constant forward progression & respectful establishment within contrasting music scenes nationwide. Now playing reputable main stages across the country, Cam's focus lies within determined sound & live set refinement in conjunction with his ongoing journey of music production. Volkiene now shares his journey alongside two Australian record labels which whom he proudly represents as label Dj (Bassic Records & Higher Recordings).