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Recovery Collective / Ballroom Records

Willing and abel is a new up and coming duo from Brisbane, Australia. The duo consists of two already well-established artists in “CAIN” and “Boy with Boat”. The two young producers have recently joined together over their love and passion of obscure melodic techno and have set their sights high. After securing their first release on Australia’s highly regarded underground techno label, Recovery Collective, the boys have been in studio lockdown crafting their debut EP set to deliver their signature sound to the world. With CAIN’s deeper melodic house background and Williams harder hitting techno the willing and abel duo is a match made in ethereal techno heaven. Taking influences from Still Vor Talent and Afterlife records their musical taste and maturity is far beyond their years. Willing & abel love nothing more than taking control of the decks and sending people on a journey of emotive etherial melodies and contrasting heavy bass driven tracks to curate a soundscape like no other. After a stellar debut closing for the Anjunadeep staple 16 Bit Lolitas, the two have secured a number of festival and club gigs in the near future and show no sign of stopping. As this project is totally fresh and in its infant stages there isn’t much more to say about willing & abel, but you should definitely be watching this space. The sky is the limit for these creative, driven, like-minded misfits.