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Wilma has spent most of her years cultivating and refining her craft through the magical voice of the cello. Raised from a strictly classical training background, it wasn’t long before she launched into a career that would explore an array of musical genres and collaborations. From classical, to pop/rock and further into the modern electronic scene, Wilma’s vast artistic recognition demonstrates her innate ability to move audiences of all ages. After completing two music diplomas by the age of fifteen, multiple orchestral tours and her high school graduation, adulthood soon arrived along with the birth of an adventurer. Wilma was scouted by Brisbane-based corporate string trio 'Maske' which was the beginning of a whirlwind globe-trotting artistic career. The group was made up of three female string players, two electric violinists and Wilma on electric cello. This was a new challenge as she discovered not only a new genre of music but also how to perform standing up. Over the course of four years Maske travelled globally performing for corporate functions in destinations such as the USA, the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean. During her travels, Wilma met Turkish rock singer and celebrity Emre Aydin. Emre was quick to offer the twenty year old a contract to join his touring band which she humbly accepted. For a year Wilma toured by bus around Turkey and Greece performing shows at clubs, on television and also at large festivals with audiences reaching thirty thousand people. Once returning to Australia from Istanbul, Wilma stumbled across the deep, enigmatic sounds of Danish artist, Trentemøller, in turn opening up the gateway to the underground. Her exploration into electronica, deep house and techno lead to an interest in sound production and mixing. Wilma was soon off to Bond University where she completed a bachelor’s degree in film and television specialising in sound design. 2018 thus far has been full of many successes for Wilma, particularly that of her duo act APRÓ & Wilma which is a collaboration between two great friends who connected on a higher frequency and a deeper understanding of the soul and how music can take a person on a spiritual journey. Together the pair have enjoyed a seemingly overnight success by already performing at enviable events such as music festivals and popular venues such as Capulet in Brisbane. To top it all off, Wilma has just returned from a life changing trip to the USA where she performed at the Burning Man festival. It is without a doubt that due to her vast musical experience Wilma continues to deliver a wide variety of vibes as a cellist and DJ with a particular interest in deep bass lines and driving rhythmical sequences.