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Sourcecode Transmissions - Australia

ZEN MECHANICS is the Psychedelic Trance project of Wouter Thomassen, founder of the SOURCECODE TRANSMISSIONS label, born in Holland, but currently based in the Byron Shire, Australia. Drawing from his 12 year experience in the Dutch underground scene as a DJ, graphic designer and party organizer, he formed Zen Mechanics around 2003 and started working on a powerful sound brimming with vibe and atmosphere, tailor made for the big open air dance floors. With a string of releases and remixes under his belt (on labels such as Iboga, Nano, Alchemy, Aleph Zero, Flow, Neurobiotic and Iono) and collaborations with artists like Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura, Dick Trevor, Headroom, Allaby, Tristan, and many more, he has become one of the scene's most in demand artists. His debut album “Holy Cities” was released by Neurobiotic in 2008, topped the Beatport charts for weeks and landed him a nomination for best Psytrance artist for the annual Beatport awards and garnered support from both underground and more mainstream DJ’s such as Christopher Lawrence & John 00 Fleming, who licensed his tracks for the Ministry of Sound label. "Holy Cities" was followed by a remix CD “Re:modified”, containing remixes by some of the scene’s top artists. For years now he's been traveling the global Psychedelic Trance circuit nonstop, rocking dance floors far and wide. From obscure bush doofs to virtually every major festival on the planet, such as Universo Paralello (Br), Oregon Eclipse (US) Ozora (Hu), Boom (Pt), Glade (UK), Shambhala (Can), Nagisa (Jp), Rainbow Serpent (Aus), Symbiosis (US), Vortex (SA), Mountain Madness (Nepal), Tribe (Br), Time & Space (Mex), Vuuv (Ger), Antaris (Ger). Besides all this, Wouter has been applied his signature style over multiple genres and projects such as ZENTURA; his project with Progressive Trance stalwart Ace Ventura and more Tech/Progressive oriented stuff under the guises of SPANNER and CITIZEN on Flow records, for which he also compiled the “Uncharted” CD. Around 2015 he founded the Sourcecode Transmissions label with his wife Angela Aes Sedai, as a platform for his art and music and has released several chart topping compilations, albums and EP's. Wouter is currently working on the next Zen Mechanics album and on several side projects focused on Ambient soundscapes and Electro.