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Z.i.V is an Israeli born, world wide tune slinger and musician, based in Byron Bay, Australia. Z.i.V has always had a passion for music,playing guitar in punk-rock bands since the age of 13 traveling round the world as a street musician. The messages music portrays and sound system culture as a whole. Z.i.V started showcasing his tune selection through DJ’ing in early 2000. This was done at trance parties in India. Here Z.i.V quickly earnt a name for himself within the trance scene and moved into playing massive international festivals such as, Universo Parallel (Brasil) , Symbiosis Gathering (California), Freqs of Nature, Antaris (Germany), Rainbow Serpent and SubSonic (Australia) plus many Eclipse festivals anywhere round the 5 continents of the world Having travelled so many festivals and moving away from strictly trance music in 2009, Z.i.V developed an ear for big bass, thats is uniquely fresh and well researched. Delivering quality and hard to source delicious bassy vibrations became this mans forte’. Listening to a set from this selekta will time after time leave you wondering where on earth did you find this music… Being a bass enthusiast himself Z.i.V serves up massive bass whilst showcasing the best of any genres top class producers. Z.i.V is also accustomed to introducing live elements through-out his sets. This is how he explains it; “Always keeping it bass heavy with a pinch of a psychedelic humor with live elements combining D'n'B, hip hop and Reaggae plus many other bass heavy genres … never plan a complete set .. its always the audience that really decides what will be played next..” Z.i.V. Z.i.V is able to play a blend of music styles to complement any event, time within, and any course of the crowd. The mothership is in good hands with Z.i.V the world wide selekta. Z.i.V has supported artist’s like : Bassnectar, Tipper, Excision, Opiuo, Trolley Snatcha, Ill.Gates, Vibesquad, An-Ten-Nae, Heyoka, and many other bass artist the list go's on and on...(Seriously dont have enough room in a bio for that) Through his work at “Street Level Byron Bay” as Host and resident DJ, Z.i.V is showcasing his passion for delivering quality, unique, fresh and inspiring bass artist to the community in Byron Bay and Australia. Z.i.V believes music and dance is a powerful tool in bringing people together for unity and creating common causes, this shows through his sets. “Street Level Byron Bay is super happy and delighted to have Z.i.V as a resident DJ and Host. Z.i.V continuously serves our punters with fresh acts internationally and from Australia. Every set played for street level has got the crowd rallied and moving.”