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Zygotwitch has been serving bass salads for the light eaters and cooking up bass dripping meals for the most ravenous bass munching foot stompers across Brisbane’s underground party scene. His meticulous picked tunes has allowed him to make regular appearances at the Wonky Queenslander warehouse and theme camp gigs at Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Earth Frequency Festival and Jungle Love. Zygotwitch has played tunes on stages across South East Queensland at Earth Frequency, Manifest, Modifyre(qld burn), Grounded Permaculture, Crop Psycles and Faraway Festival. The aim is developing a set with meticulously picked tunes specific to each festivals flow, utilising filthy flavour’s of bass notes found in the dirty kitchens of House and Techno. With elements of spoken word samples layered into the tracks to inspire a balanced between thought provoking and monkey mayhem on the dfloor. Ears getting itchy, tuck that serviette in cause things are going to get juicy! Fun Fact; Zygotwitch, pronounced Zygo-Twitch, is inspired from Zygomaticus major which is a muscle group responsible for smiling ;)