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Earth Frequency Covid-19 Statement

October Update: EFF2021 Covid-19 FAQ

Will EFF2021 go ahead if state borders are closed ?

The minimum that we need to have the festival go ahead is to have borders open for travel between Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This is because a large proportion of our ticket sales and creative program come to Queensland from these states.  If Queensland borders are closed to Victoria or New South Wales, we will postpone the festival.  Rest assured, we won't leave our large number of NSW and VIC family out of the next edition of the festival!

For the other states - Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania, if travel is restricted from these states to Queensland but not from Victoria and New South Wales, the festival will proceed. 


What happens if I can't attend due to border closures ?

Any ticket holders living in any state which has travel restrictions or border closures at the time of the festival will be able to either transfer their ticket to the next edition of the festival or request a refund.


What is the outlook in terms of social distancing and dancing ?

Festivals like Earth Frequency are founded on communal celebration and connection, and the dense social environments and dancing at festivals do present a risk during the pandemic.  Social distancing is effective in stopping the spread, but also has the potential to affect the quality of the experience of the festival depending on how strict the measures are.  

The priority for the EFF team is to ensure that the next edition of the festival is delivered at a time where the quality experience we all love can be provided.  If strict social distancing is in place to the point that it impacts the festival experience excessively, we will consider a decision to postpone the festival.  If the requirements are more moderate and will still provide a quality experience along the lines of what we usually expect from a music festival, the festival will proceed.  The EFF team will assess the social distancing requirements in early 2021 to inform a decision as to whether the festival should take place or be postponed.  

We can't wait to dance with you all soon and we know how much everyone needs this reconnection after such a challenging year, but we remain committed to only running the festival at a time which is safe, healthy and where we can dance together.


What happens in the event of a postponement ?

If the minimum satisfactory operating conditions aren't in place for the festival by 4 weeks before the event start date, there will be a decision to postpone the festival. The new dates will depend on a few factors and will be announced soon after the decision to postpone. A survey will be sent out to participants and ticket holders to get some feedback on the options for new dates.  

All tickets, vehicle passes, family realm passes and camping upgrades will be transferred to the new event dates. For anyone unable to attend on the new dates, there will be an option to sell the ticket, or request a refund, or retain the ticket for a credit towards the following edition of the festival. 

Are there any expected changes to the festival capacity ?

Earth Frequency Festival's usual capacity of 5000 (including all participants and volunteers) is comfortably of the Category 2 / Medium Risk range in Queensland's first Covid-Safe event framework, and so there is no planned change to the festival capacity.


What health measures and entry conditions will be in place at EFF2021 ?

The EFF team are working on our Covid-Safe plan at this point in collaboration with Ipswich City Council and QLD Health.  As this is a dynamic situation and there have already been many changes to requirements and regulations, it is still too early to state exactly what will be in place, but we do expect there will be a need for contact tracing information to be provided, health declarations upon entry, increased hygiene and sanitation measures at the festival along the lines of what hospitality and entertainment venues are currently implementing in Queensland.  Full information about this will be published once known, most likely in the final month before the festival. 



Earth Frequency Covid-19 Statement

2020 has certainly been an unusual and challenging year for us all.  The summer bushfires left their mark on the Australian landscape at the beginning of the year, and although everyone was grateful for the massive February rain which extinguished the fires around the country, it did provide us with wet site conditions and some logistical challenges to deliver our beloved festival this year.  In hindsight though, we are incredibly grateful for the timing - EFF2020 was an incredible experience and a fitting 15th anniversary celebration, and we were able to deliver it just a few weeks before the global Covid-19 pandemic saw the event industry go into lockdown.

The EFF team has spent the past few months resting and reflecting on the past 15 years and considering the way forward.  We are fortunate to be in an ideal position with our last edition taking place just before the lockdown, and therefore having almost a year from the beginning of this crisis until our next edition for the situation to normalise.  4 months in to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very positive to see how it has been handled in Australia given the scale of the crisis in other parts of the world, and although Victoria is currently dealing with a second outbreak, the right strategies are in place and we’re optimistic that Victoria will soon join the rest of the Australian states and be in a strong position with near eradication of the virus, so that life can start getting back to normal.

In our home state of Queensland, all the right things are starting to happen. Restrictions are easing, and new frameworks are being put in place.  Even a month ago, it was impossible to talk about the idea of mass gatherings for the foreseeable future. But now in early July, there are some useful initial frameworks in place and more work is being done to develop workable frameworks and guidelines for outdoor events like Earth Frequency Festival. This is something that the EFF team is participating in actively, and we would like to acknowledge the hard work and support of Ipswich City Council and the Australian Festival Association thus far.  

While the path isn’t totally clear and we don’t have 100% assurances of what things will be like in February, the progress in the past few months has been positive enough that we feel it is the right time to launch EFF2021 and begin our planning processes.  Events like Earth Frequency Festival can not be put together in a month or two - the usual lead time for our planning is at least 8 months.  

In light of what we know at this point of time, and what 2020 has been like for our event community and festival industry allies - we’re happy to announce some key points about EFF2021.

  • We know that it has been a tough year for many through the lockdown times, and although we will quite likely face some increased costs to meet all necessary compliance points for EFF2021, we are putting a price freeze on the EFF2020 prices across the board. There will be no increases to ticket prices, camping upgrades, and vehicle passes.  As always, we will have generously timed payment plans on general release tickets so you can grab your tickets with smaller fortnightly payments.
  • Given the fact that international travel is highly restricted and most of the countries we usually take international bookings from have been much more affected by Covid-19 than Australia, the decision has been made that EFF2021 will be a fully Australian lineup!  We will certainly miss having some new international guests and welcoming back some of our favourite artists from abroad, but this is the right thing to do in order to avoid any disappointment or misleading promotions. On top of that, the music industry in Australia has been massively impacted by the temporary shut down of festivals, clubs and concerts, and so 2021 will be a great opportunity to focus all our bookings on the awesome music that is coming out of Australia to help promote and support these artists
  • At EFF2021, we will be giving special focus to showcasing some of our favourite Australian record labels in the programming - you can expect some awesome flowing sessions presented by home-grown collectives!
  • The driving focus and theme of EFF2021 will be consolidation and community.  We always do a 5 year review after each 5 years of the festival, and as part of that, this year we will be putting extra consideration on how we can support local and QLD based suppliers at all levels.  It’s more difficult now to organise interstate and international logistics, and our local businesses have been hit hard, so we will be keeping this in mind in our 2021 planning and focusing on having a solid local platform for the festival.
  • At this point we are working towards maintaining the same capacity of 5000 total people on site, which puts EFF in the Category 2 / Medium Risk range.  It is possible that we will reduce this capacity but so far there is no indication we will need to, and we are working hard to develop an acceptable event plan for this capacity.  
  • More information will be released closer to the end this year about any new specific requirements of our festival patrons - this may include contact tracing information, screening/health declarations upon entry, increased hygiene and sanitation measures.
  • Our ticketing terms and conditions have been updated so please make yourself familiar with them.  Based on feedback from our 2020 terms and conditions, and our assessment of the current situation, we want to provide the most flexibility possible.  Tickets will be able to be on-sold if you can’t attend the event for any reason - a name change can be organised from the ticketing agent Ticketbooth.  
  • We have set the dates for EFF2021 - February 12-15.  That is just over 7 months away at the time of our official launch.  Considering how much progress has been made in just 4 months since the Covid-19 situation began, we feel positive that is a realistic timeframe.  We will be doing everything in our power to bring everyone together for the 16th edition of Earth Frequency Festival on those dates in a safe way, and in a way that is in line with the experience that we all know and love from previous years.   
  • If the festival can not take place on the planned dates due to Covid-19 restrictions, or any other reason, the festival will be postponed and your tickets will be valid for the new dates.  If you can’t attend the festival on the new dates, you will have the choice to on-sell your ticket, or request a refund.