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EFF2021 postponed to May 14-17 !


Dear Earth Frequency Community!

Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you for all your epic support through 2020 - starting off with our amazing 15th anniversary edition and rolling straight into a global pandemic a few weeks later, it's been a wild ride. We've had quite a few moments reflecting on everything and wondering what comes next .. and what keeps us going every day is all the solid love and support you show us year after year, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As we approach February 2021 and the dates for our next edition, it is disappointing to see Australia reverse from the positive progress of late 2020. Late last year the Covid-19 virus was seemingly eradicated around the country, life was returning to normal and our Covid-Safe plan had been approved by QLD Health for the festival to proceed. There were even some great festivals in our home state of Queensland in the last weeks of the year.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, a number of outbreaks from quarantine breaches occurred and this has stepped us back into uncertainty with some border closures and a return to restrictions in some parts of Australia. We have been watching this situation closely and making our own assessment of the viability of pushing ahead with the initially planned dates in February.

It's disappointing to have reached this conclusion but at this point in time, after discussions with QLD Health, the festival venue and the local community and our own team - it does not feel safe or wise to proceed in February.

By making this decision four weeks in advance, we can adjust our plans with minimal inconvenience or loss. If we were to place blind faith in things improving in a short amount of time, there is a risk of a much worse situation given what is at stake in terms of logistics, finances and public health. Our top priorities are always the health and safety of our community, to respect our supporters, to make smart decisions and to deliver the best possible experience to you all, and we simply do not feel that these priorities will be able to be met with usual February dates in 2021.

The new festival dates for Earth Frequency Festival 2021 are: 14 – 17 May. Although we would love to see you in February, we would much rather wait a bit longer and do it all properly.

These dates have been selected with a number of considerations in mind - a few months for the public health situation to improve, the timeline for the vaccine process beginning in Australia to bolster quarantine procedures and the chance to trial some dates with cooler weather than our usual February date. We're excited about such a change given the weather trends over the past few years - May temperatures at Ivory's Rock range from 12 degrees at night to 24 in the daytime on average, so this will be some beautiful comfortable weather for when we celebrate and reconnect.

We want to acknowledge that these new dates are unfortunately the same weekend as another event in S.E.QLD - Jungle Love. There have been discussions between Earth Frequency and Jungle Love over the past few days about other options and unfortunately there is no other viable option in the Autumn months for either event. We're confident both events will be well attended and will represent their own unique aspects and experiences very well, and the aim is to ensure that there is no clash of dates in 2022 and beyond. We definitely recommend this festival to anyone who missed out on EFF tickets or who might want to check out another awesome festival that this region has to offer !

✦ Information for ticket holders ✦

Postponing the festival is no small task but it was always a possibility from the beginning and we have planned for that. We have built the festival with as much agility as possible and we expect the vast majority of the lineup and creative program to stay in place with the new dates. We know this change won't suit all of our ticket holders, so we're happy to provide you some information now about your options.

If you have bought a festival ticket and any add-ons such as vehicle passes, deluxe camping, bunkhouse cabins etc and you wish to attend the festival on the new dates - you're all set, you don't need to do anything. Your tickets and add-ons remain valid for the new dates. New copies of your tickets will be sent which reflect the new dates.

If you have secured a volunteer position and bought your ticket and add-ons, you don't need to do anything. Your tickets and add-ons remain valid for the new dates. New copies of your tickets will be sent which reflect the new dates. Your volunteer position is still valid and you should check in with the volunteer coordinators and/or your department head about your rostered shifts.

If you can't attend the festival due to the change of dates, there's a number of options.

  • You can sell your ticket publicly using our ticket reseller Tixel -
  • You can sell your ticket to someone you know personally by organising a name change via ticketbooth support -
  • You can request for your tickets to be transferred to our 2022 edition
  • You can request a refund.

The demand for ticket transfers has been strong for EFF2021 and we can see over 1000 people in the Tixel waiting list, so we don't anticipate any issues for anyone wanting to sell their tickets.

Requests for transfers and refunds can be made via an online form only and this form will be open for two weeks from Wednesday 20th January to Wednesday 3rd of February. Ticket holders will be emailed further information including the form link. Refunds will begin to be processed after the form closes.

If you have any questions about this process, please email

✦ EFF2021 Final Ticket Release ✦

If you missed out on tickets when the festival sold out in December - good news - we have crunched the numbers and we will have a small final public ticket allocation going on sale this week!!! The public ticket release will be strictly limited and on sale at midday on Wednesday 20th of January so make sure you jump in early so you don't miss out!!

✦ Indoor Events ✦

Of course, with all the momentum built up to our February festival weekend, it wouldn't be right to not have some sort of events happening!. We're currently finalising details of some indoor events on February 12/13/14 and these events will be launched later mid this week !

Once again, thank you all for your epic support, and your patience and trust as we navigate the challenges of the current times. We know it's going to be extra special when we call come together again and we can't wait to share that moment with you.

Huge love from the Earth Frequency team 💚