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Luis Tamani

The 2019 visionary art lineup in our Luminarium gallery is shaping up to be our most epic to date. We are very happy to welcome for the first time to Earth Frequency Luis Tamani, from Peru.



I am a Peruvian artist from the Amazonian rainforest. I grew up on the banks of the Ucayali River, in Pucallpa. I always have been fascinated by the beauty of the Nature, inspired by the singing of the birds and attracted by the magic of Life. I remember all these stories told by my family about these unexpected occurences... I was always intrigued by all these things that talked about the invisible.

I didn't fit in with the school, was not interested in the numbers and neither in all these dates were something happened... I always have been attracted by the colors of the nature, I always loved to look at the infinite shades of green that I could see in a tree. And I always enjoy to feel my hand retranscribe what my eyes could observe. So I applied into the art school of my native city, Eduardo Meza Saravia art school. During five years I received a very academic training and I learn a lot from these lovers of art. At the end of this cycle, I used to practice Abstract Art, making the fusion between texture and shape