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Perfect Stranger / Yuli Fershtat / Eemus

Earth Frequency Festival, Euca Music and Bassic Records band together to present a night of psychedelic and progressive techno in the heart of Brisbane, broadcast through the immaculate Void sound system, open-air, at Sub Rosa.

Nearly 5 years since the king ‘Perfect Stranger’ has performed in SEQ, we welcome him for an exclusive show presenting the sound that made him famous, as well as his modern production moniker ‘Yuli Fershtat’ and label 'Digital Structures', alongside their booming Melbourne based label artist and collaborator ‘EEEMUS’.

Futuristic yet organic; energetic yet grounding; the psychedelic sounds of progressive techno breathe a daring balance between the techno/house subculture and the psytrance world.

Three carefully handpicked local support acts join our special guests: willing & abel, Jesse Kuch and AVAXA. These artists have proven themselves continuously as top of the progressive movement in Brisbane across performance, production and curation. No doubt this lineup is aglow with local talent as well as international / interstate.