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We are very happy to announce our second visionary art headliner - SpectralEyes.

Luke’s visionary art is an open portal into the higher-dimensions of our being. Riding on the wings of the creative imagination, Luke is being dreamed up as a medium, oracle and amplifier for a deeper process of awakening that is unfolding in the collective mind-field of our species. In creatively giving such unique and vivid shape and form to his inner experience, which is to say himself, Luke is stepping into the archetypal role of shaman and healer for the community at large, which in this case is the whole human species.

In being in-formed by and creatively translating the deeper transpersonal energies that are pulsing through him into a communicable language, Luke taps into forms, vibrations and realizations that exist in the formless, synchronic, archetypal dimension of consciousness itself. This is a dimension existing “outside of time” – which, like hidden treasures of the soul, are waiting to be discovered, formulated and brought forth so as to be rendered into visible form at the right moment “in time.”

Luke’s creative visions are like healing enzymes, or time-release multi-vitamins that the underlying unified and unifying field of the divine, cosmic imagination organically secretes when inspiration is needed in our world. His creative spirit is giving voice to and answering the call of the deeper spirit of our time, while being, at the same time, the spirit which in-forms all times. Luke’s art is a materialization in the third dimension of a sacred liturgy, an alchemical holy and whole-making ritual in which consciousness is explicating and expanding itself in-form and time.

His visionary art simultaneously reflects and catalytically effects an expansion of consciousness throughout the underlying field of the collective unconscious. A form of mystical activism, Luke’s work is an example, in full-bodied form, of how we can “conspire” – to breathe together – so as to “co-inspire” each other. Luke’s creative imagination truly sparks our own, which is to say that appreciating the creative spirit that moves through him is to appreciate, access, and en-liven our own.