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Manda Floydd was a dancer in Adelaide for around 20 years, but in January 2018 moved to Brisbane! In Adelaide she studied a full-time intensive course at Gravity Dance Studios. Working with amazing inspirational dancers like Christine Underdown, Daniel Jaber, Larissa McGowan and Aidan Munn, meant she was challenged to dance outside her box and it truly changed her! Since then she featured in numerous music videos and dance films, competed, performed live, and has always taught classes to kids and adults. She has also done a lot of modelling for various projects around Adelaide and has done many performances as a backing vocalist. She has worked hard to establish her own dance style, mainly combining hip-hop and contemporary. She grew up in a musical family which hugely influenced her life. This is very obvious in her choreography, as it often seems to be at one with the music. She says “I am fully controlled by the music. I have no conscious choice but to dance.” She also mixes her own music, often featuring her singing, making her performances truly personal and original. Her vibrant character and stage presence makes her incredibly entertaining as you watch her powerful energy get thrown across the stage.