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Creative Creatures are a family of AUSTRALIENS who embody meaningful movement while performing on stage or roving on the dancefloor at many festivals. Inspired by sacred geometry and contemporary dance, these choreographed pieces explore alien movement, ritual dance and fire flowing. Creative Creatures captivate the audience with their UV Glow and Creature-like costumes, as they share messages from extraterrestrial galaxies and past lives. With the use of special effects silk fans, L.E.D’s and fire props, this creates a unique act adding flair to the psychedelic experience putting the audience on a high vibration. They are passionate to share their meaningful movement, exploring and channelling different parts of their personality. Creative Creatures is founded by Bonnie Heather, a Sydney based dancer with experience for over 20 years. Through her passion for creating meaningful movement, she established the group in April 2019 as a contemporary dance workshop. Taking multiple skilled dancers under her wing, Creative Creatures evolved and expanded into a performance crew, performing at multiple festivals including Rabbits Eat Lettuce, , Elements, Earth Frequency, Happy Dayz & Bohemian Beatfreaks and Orin aya. This led to Bonnie having the privilege to choreograph opening and closing ceremonies for festivals. Creative Creatures collaborates with other performance artists and groups, creating a variety of stage shows. Outside of festivals, Creative Creatures have performed in the Sydney nightclub scene for Flyhigh Events and shared the stage with famous DJ’s including Ace Ventura, Mandragora & Smilk. Bonnie also shares her ‘Deepen your dance’ movement and meditation workshops, which include meaningful dance practice and energy healing.