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DISCO BOOGIE BOOMERS Hilarious interactive roving act featuring a giant boom box, retro party games, funky dance energy and large lashings of fun-K. Impressum Introducing The DISCO BOOGIE BOOMERS Miss Electro Light, She-Lye Da' Funk and Da Boogie mAN Let the Disco Boogie Boomers dazzle you with their hilariously funny & crazy antics. Jump start lots of giggles and all round smiles with their electro funk disco break dancing interactive roving shenanigans. These cool cats don't just rove but generate crowd participation. DBB's Trunk of funk includes games like *funk batten relay *musical squares, *disco spoon races, *Lycra Limbo, *Disco dance off in dress up, *Simese break dance racing *Twister and much much more. Hecklers and nay sayers will be persecuted and dealt with in a fine and funky fashion! Its Honky Tonk time!