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Bada-BOOM! The Hoop Army are coming for YOU! With their massive Hoop Love and Sassy Syncronised moves. Hoop Army have been performing for 4 years, showcasing at Rainbow Serpent, The Australian Hoop Convention, Biggest Hoop Workout (QLD), QV Night market, Island Vibe and featured with HoopDogg’s live show & Music Video clip. Performers of the army go under some serious training from their Silliest Captain Hayley Hoopla aka HoopDogg. They not only upgrade their hoop tricks, but keep their dance & rhythm in line. Their newest flavour of choreography is Hoop-Hop, a fusion of Hip-hop dance & hoop tricks, with a touch of Dancehall. Who wouldn’t wanna see these multiple hips wind multiple times ay?! Oh and did we say Multiple hoops?! The Hoop Army will always deliver a Fiesty feast, with the troupe being as large as 18 hula hoopists on stage. Get ready for a bunch of hoopnotising bodacious babes to crash your party & bring the FUN!