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Jane Fondle is all about getting physical. A big name in local gyms in Melbourne’s outer suburbs during the aerobics fad, she was known for her unique 'thrusting' style and consequently had a huge influence on the increase of men participating in aerobics classes. She released a box set of x-rated aerobics workout videos which created a scandal in the fitness industry. As a result gyms wouldn't hire her anymore. Though she possesses advanced pole handling skills, Fondle failed in her career move as a stripper because she refused to remove her beloved g-string leotard. This worked against her when a bad g-tard incident, whilst Flashdancing, left her unable to walk for some time. Once rehabilitated she discovered hula hooping as a great way to work out in her lounge room while fleeing from societal shame. Feeling at peace with a movement medium based on thrusting the hips, Fondle has developed her own hooping style, combining 80's dance, aerobics and hula hooping. Taking the world by a fluoro glitter explosion of a storm, Fondle is now a regular name on the international Hula Hoop circuit (yes this exists!) and is approached to perform and teach at festivals locally, interstate and internationally..... and not once has she turned her back on her g-banger!