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Kimera Visual Theatre

Established in 2014, Kimera Visual Theatre (KVT) exists concurrent to the work of Brisbane-Based artist Saara Roppola. KVT creates boutique performances for events ranging from music festivals to corporate functions, private parties to avant-guarde art shows. Emerging from Saara’s performance experience in Amsterdam culture (specifically art, club, fetish and nightlife scenes), mixed with her own interests in nature, mythology, sexuality and philosophy, KVT presents truly unique performances. Each highly sculptural costume is made by hand by Saara, and is unique to KVT. Works are highly physical and kinetic, situated between dance, performance art, butoh and physical theatre, with performers as living sculptures and characters, as their costumes transform and commune with the bodies inside. With performers backed by extensive embodied movement and performance training, acts are simultaneously hypnotic and edgy in their execution, transforming the space into something fantastical. 'Heron of Love' is K.V.T's is a new endeavour for K.V.T, involving stilts and voice augmentation. A heron is long-legged bird, symbolising life long love, longevity and purity, this heron sings love poems to people with devotion.