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Rhythm of Fire

Many years before the dawn of civilisation, when man walked in packs among the animals and the world was fresh with new life, there was a time not written of in history books. An era of complete silence befell the world for more than a century. Birds could no longer sing, thunder could no longer roar, and every human on earth was completely speechless; the planet sank into chaos as one of its primary senses was stripped away from it. With the world on the verge of complete cataclysm, the last remnants of man forged tracks into the wild in a final effort to lift the curse. Adventurers travelled for many moons to a sacred ritual site told in fables, far beyond the reaches of any man before them. The journey took them through desserts, jungles, mountains and even across oceans, but they still did not find anything that made a sound. The ritual site was atop the coldest peak inside the darkest cave and as they ventured deeper inside they discovered a soft glow of warm light. As they got closer to it they discovered a creature like none they had ever seen before, it constantly shifted back and forth, glowing in all the colours of the autumn leaves and was remarkably hot to the touch. All of a sudden they heard it, a crackle, faint at first, then a pop. The smouldering sound began to meld into a drumbeat and the humans were thrown into dance, and as they moved the vibration rumbled through the cave, echoing down the mountain. Suddenly the fire spread as the ceremony began and as they danced the music grew louder, so loud it could be heard by every living creature on earth. The trees began to rustle, the rivers began to burble and all the animals sung out together. The world was alive, with the rhythm of fire.