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Vendetta Serpentine

Prepare to be entranced by Nerang’s magnifying Aerial circus freak, Vendetta Serpentine as she charms you with perfectly in sync movement to beats in a coiling Aerial Lyra and glow performance. Continuous achievement of this trance is her only Vendetta, whilst wearing a bower, she will constrict you with her talent of circus, glow hoop and glow staff paired with a gob smacking costume to bring fantasy to any area of the festival. Vendetta is new to the performing world, with only recently starting her Aerial Acrobatic skills in May 2018 and has been doing ongoing hula hoop practise for over 3 years and staff for two. Her first Lyra performance will be at Cosmic Connections Festival SEQ in November 2018. Someday she will be victorious in her ignitions performing all over the world in showcases and at outdoor events.