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4:30 pm Saturday & Sunday – Wonky Town – I am here for Sunset Stretch. (Accessible to all bodies) Join Sarah for I am here for Sunset Stretch! to recentre, recalibrate and ready yourself for a solid night on the dancefloor! From outside-in and inside-out, ground in your presence and invite positive vibrations to ripple out all night long! Bring a towel or yoga mat, water bottle and warm clothing. My name is Sarah. Our planet is my passion. I seek to support our Home by bringing others closer to their earthly connection. My aim as teacher is to expand your sense of place and your heart’s awareness, by providing a supportive environment for you to safely explore your boundaries. I began my dedicated, earthly exploration as a geologist and environmental scientist, fascinated by the systems that govern the way the Earth works. But that didn't quite capture all I could sense! I began a deeper journey into the spiritual workings of our planet home through yoga and bodywork practices. My life is now dedicated to furthering my understanding of our interconnectivity with each other and our home, and sharing my learnings through science education, yoga, meditation and bodywork offerings.