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We are super amped to now unveil the second lineup announcement for EFF2019!  Following on from our first delectable music offering, this next sonic selection is a beautifully eclectic mixture of international and domestic talent, with the usual genre spectrum mashup that Earth Frequency is well loved for - everything from techno and trance to many flavours of mid tempo bass music, folk, funk and world music. We still have a lot more to come, but for now please dive in and soak up the sounds of what's on offer for EFF2019!

USA (Desert Trax)
UK (Nano)
USA (Marvel Years Music)
AUS (Omelette Records)
NZ (Shanti Planti)
NZ (Firepower)
AUS (Reflekta / Desert Trax)
USA (Zenon Record)
Mexico (iboga)
USA (Addictech/Simplify)
AUS (Independant)
Canada (East Van Digital)
Brazil (Zenon Records)
Desert Trax
AUS (Sprout Music / Open Records)
AUS (Smilk Music)
AUS (Plasma Audio / Shogun)
AUS (Corymbia Recordings)
AUS (Open Records / Bassic Records)
AUS (Zenon Records)
AUS (Bassic Records / Raw Nuts)
AUS (Westwood Recordings)
AUS (Hydrofunk)