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Survival Guide

We want you all to have a fun and safe festival experience!  Read the A-Z of Earth Frequency survival tips and you'll be sure to have a great time ... 


Ashtray. Bring a portable ashtray with a clip lid so you can keep it in your pocket and keep the festival site clean.

Anti-social behavior. EFF has a zero tolerance policy towards anti-social behaviour of any kind both inside and outside the festival.

Alcohol. You can BYO reasonable amounts of alcohol. A reasonable amount of alcohol is one slab or one bottle of spirits per person.  Cars will be searched on entry and if you bring significantly more than this amount of alcohol per person, or anything in glass, it will be confiscated. 

Bins.  Please sort waste at the stations throughout the festival site. EFF is a Leave No Trace event.  We ask you to take your campsite rubbish with you.

Camping. Bring your tent, tarp, poles and shade, just don’t setup under overhanging branches.  Bring your own sleeping bag, blankets, mattress, chairs and ground mats, it’s a 4-day event and sleep is important.  

Carpool. Transport is easily the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint as a festival community

Conditions of Entry – management reserve the right to refuse entry and eject any participant involved in unsocial behavior.

Cutlery and crockery.  Bring your own to stalls when eating to reduce our waste footprint.

Drinking enough water is very important.  Bring some with you and please support our no plastic bottle policy by refilling your own permanent containers from any of the many taps onsite. 

Dogs or any other pets are not permitted at the festival.

Earplugs protect ears from damage and will make it easier at nighttime to get the rest you need before driving home.  

Extreme heat can present itself in the Australian bushland.  Make sure you stay hydrated; use a hat and the shade provided.

Fires and fireworks are not permitted at EFF and there is a Total Fire Ban. First Aid- Professional first aid is here for you 24hrs / day during the festival. If you or a friend needs help, don’t hesitate, the service is confidential and the staff are trained to deal with all medical concerns.

Festival times.   Gates open 9am Friday (9am Thursday for Deluxe tickets).  Please DO NOT arrive before this time!  All patrons must leave the site by 12pm Tuesday, so please make sure you’re well rested, sober and ready to leave by this time.

Gas cookers are permitted within the campgrounds, but should never be used inside tents!  If fire conditions change we may change this policy, stay tuned and you will also be informed at the gate.

Gates open 9am Friday morning and run 24hrs a day.

Glass is NOT permitted at EFF, this includes all glass. Get beer in cans and decant your spirits into plastic or metal bottles before you come.

Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses will keep you safe from the sun

Illegal substances are not permitted at Earth Frequency.  There will be police on the roads and inside the festival. Party smart, party safe. 

Jukebox - Small iPod dock sound systems are acceptable. No loud or offensive music likely to annoy your neighbours in the campground.  

Kids.  Family camping is available, check the map for the Family Camp location, and check out the kid’s space for activities every day.

Keys – bring a spare set and give one to a friend for safe keeping

Leave no Trace.  Respect the earth and yourself and don’t leave a trace of trash behind. Make sure you bring rubbish bags and boxes to take your rubbish home. Eskis can be useful for taking your rubbish home.

Local businesses.  Please support the local businesses in the area, get your supplies and fuel up in Peak Crossing or Yamanto.

Money – ATM’s are available onsite 

Neighbours. Introduce yourself to your neighbours and look out for each other’s belongings.

Out of bounds.  Please respect any areas marked as no entry or staff only.

Parking and access – follow the instruction of parking marshals, it is essential we keep all access roads clear at ALL TIMES for emergency 

Pass outs are permitted. However on return your vehicle will need to be parked at the gate.  Restricted vehicle movements are in place for your safety.

Privacy.  Be considerate of people’s privacy when taking photos or video.

Peak Crossing.  For those travelling from NSW, Peak Crossing is the last fuel and bottle shop and we encourage people to support small townships like this by getting supplies here.

Quad bikes and mini bikes are not permitted at the festival.

Road safety.  Make sure to sleep enough before driving home and be ABSOLUTELY sure not to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If in doubt use the affordable drug and alcohol testing provided at First Aid during the event and at the festival exit on Monday and Tuesday. A 10km/h speed limit applies to the entire festival area.

Reduce waste.  BYO water bottle, cup, carabeener and quality camping equipment with longevity.  Single use camping equipment is completely unacceptable.

Shade.  It's hot and there are limited trees in the camping areas. Best to bring self-supporting shade, such as a tarp, poles, ropes and pegs for camp sun protection. 

Sort waste. Use the bins provided– Take two seconds to make sure you dispose of your stuff in the right bins. Recycle when you get home – separate trash from recycling in your camp, take it home and recycle.

Sound systems and generators are not permitted at EFF.

Shoes.  Bring sturdy shoes for wearing at night, and gumboots if it looks like rain.

Showers.  There are 100 showers available for use free of charge, please be respectful of the space and limit your water usage.

Sneaking in.  Don’t even think about sneaking in.  If you are caught you will be banned, and so will everyone else in the car!

Tickets.  No name changes at the gate.  We will be scanning tickets and matching ID at the gate. Your name must appear on the e-ticket for entry.

Torch.  A good torch will make it much safer getting around at night.

Toilets.  There are over 150 flushing toilets on the site, please be respectful of these facilities, keep them clean, do not flush any sanitary items and leave them free from promotional materials.  

Understand that we exist in a community and that we need to look after one another.  If you see a community member in trouble, help them to seek assistance.

Valuables.  Don’t bring valuables unless you really need to, and keep them on your person at all times.

Vehicle movements. Once parked, vehicle movements are strictly prohibited apart from departure. This is for your safety.

Water wise. Be mindful when using showers and taps.

Wristbands must be worn at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS! If damaged go to info tent for a replacement.

Yamanto is the largest shopping centre close to the site for those travelling from Brisbane but Peak Crossing is closer and has a bottle shop and fuel.

Zzzz.  We strongly encourage you to plan your weekend so you are sober and ready to drive by the time the festival closes, but if when it comes time to leave the site Tuesday lunchtime, you judge that you are not in a fit state to drive and wish to remain on site to sleep it off, ask our staff about the camping area next to the front gate which has been allocated for this purpose.  You may setup your tent here and camp for one night until you are able to travel safely.