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Venue FAQ

We are over the moon to announce that in 2022, Earth Frequency will be returning to our awesome venue - Ivory's Rock, one of Australia's most beautiful and well established event venues..  Here's a list of FAQ which should cover all your questions!

The 2022 edition of Earth Frequency Festival is set to take place once again at Ivory's Rock. Located near Peak Crossing, in the lush setting of the Scenic Rim, South-East Queensland, Ivory's Rock is a beautiful and well established outdoor events venue. With its natural vibe and top notch facilities and amenities, we believe this is one of the most beautiful and comfortable festival venues in Australia !
Lush location, a shorter drive for most of our audience, flat camping, good roads and easy access and good roads, over 150 flushing toilets and 100 showers!
No! We are happy to say that your ticket includes your site access for 4 days and that this includes full access to the top notch toilets and showers blocks for the full time onsite.
Ivory’s Rock operates its own on-site sewerage treatment plant, which has a set capacity of 400,000 litres per day. This amount cannot be exceeded for a variety of reasons. To have 5,000 people on site, everyone needs to use the bare minimum of water so that the treatment plant can handle the load and treat the waste effectively. Once treated, the water is then disinfected and used for irrigation. If the water isn’t treated properly because there’s too much going into the plant, then the irrigation water would be….. YUCK! The showers at Ivory’s Rock use on average, 7 litres of water per minute. 21 Litres for a 3-minute shower. Add in a few toilet flushes for the day, washing hands, cleaning teeth and we have each person contributing 80 litres of water to the treatment plant. Times that by 5,000 people, and we have just put 400,000 litres of wastewater through the plant, in just one day!
The big stages will run until midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and until 6pm on Monday evening when the festival closes. In addition to that, we will have The Sanctuary offering music throughout the night, as well as some other 'after-hours' entertainment options which will be announced closer to the date. Think intimate spaces, cabaret performance vibes, wonky wind down sessions, interactive games, late night markets, and the art gallery. Plenty to do when the big stages close!
Please visit the camping info page for a full run down on camping options for EFF2022.
Gas Cookers have been approved in the past and unless there is a high fire risk and we are advised otherwise by local fire authorities, we expect gas cookers to be permitted. When you arrive you will recieve an information sheet with set times and it will outline any changes in this policy
Yes, we will once again be organising a Bus Service from Brisbane and the Ipswich Train Station. You can buy a bus ticket from our ticketbooth tickets page.
Your festival ticket allows entry from Friday 9am onwards. For those who wish to arrive on Thursday, we will have a deluxe camping option which allows early arrival, closer camping to the festival entertainment area and access to power.
Midday Tuesday is the latest departure time for festival patrons.
No! There is a strict no pet policy. There are numerous health and safety issues with dogs and cats and other pets at festivals, and our event permit does not allow any animals onsite. Please help us make the festival clean and safe for everyone. If you arrive with your pet, you will be turned away. This applies to patrons and crew and artists alike... no exceptions!
There is an excellent Pet Motel just 5kms from the festival venue! If you can't find a minder for your animal friend for the time you are at the festival - this is the option for you!
The festival will operate on a BYO basis. Earth Frequency has operated with a responsible BYO policy since its first year with very few alcohol related incidents, and we thank you all for maintaining this positive and responsible approach to alcohol consumption. Please continue to enjoy alcohol in moderation so we can continue to maintain a BYO policy at the festival. We consider a reasonable amount of alcohol for one person over a 4 day period to be up to one carton of cans or one bottle of spirits. Binge Drinking is anti-social and not accepted at Earth Frequency. If any person brings excessive amounts of alcohol they may be confiscated by our security.
No. Alcohol will not be sold or served at the festival.
NO! Do not bring any glass bottles as these will be confiscated. Its not hard to do some searching to find your favourite drinks in cans, or to decant the contents of glass bottles in to plastic or steel drink containers. Glass is dangerous to everyone at the festival including our amazing recycling team and children, so please don't bring any glass.
Yes there will be an ATM onsite at the Front Gate and in the Market Place.
The use of CB radios is permitted, however channels 13-28 are reserved for event operations. Please do not communicate on these channels.