Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru is now based in Montreal, Canada. He first got known known for his colorful detailed spiritual expressions on recycled skateboards. His canvases have changed with the years, but his soulful blasts have only continued to progress, as well as the growth of his fan base. He has been exhibited in solo and group shows in several galleries around the world including Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, Paris, and all over Canada and the United States

Other than his fine art, Chris has also had commercial success with his own brand Positive Creations and even managed California’s Creation Skateboards for some years. He then expanded into the spray paint medium and has done murals all over the word as commissions or just for lifting communities. He has also taken the roll of teacher and offers several workshops around the world, including one in the jungle of Peru, where it is combined as a shamanic medicine retreat.

Chris’ Positive Creations have been featured in several magazines, as well as a few books.  A hardcover coffee table of his work was published by Schiffer Publications in 2011 and more recently a coloring book by Last Gasp Publications. Also, a well receive full feature movie of his life was released in 2010, and these days he offers a video series called the “Artventures” about his travels making art.