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Jason Morning is an Australian painter & sculptor predominantly self taught through a profound love & connection to art that continues to gather momentum. I make art using a diverse range of mediums, feeling that each medium has its own voice & specific visual vocabulary. Painting in oils, tempera & watercolours , carving in both timber & stone, printmaking, clay board & drawing in all mediums. My work stems from a deep love & respect of the natural world, both around me & within me & also from the power & connection I feel with animals in their myriad of forms. I see & sense the spirit in all that is alive. Inspiration is also born of my interest in consciousness, evolution, physics & the vibratory reality behind all matter. Shamanic practices, meditation, chanting & ecstatic states of consciousness are all employed in an attempt to taste & translate the ineffable, which for me is the very fabric of which we are woven.