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Tennessee Charpentier is the creative driving force behind Visionary Art by Messiah. She paints with the purpose of healing herself and others through her artworks, believing that art is therapy, and creates ethereal images to heal and inspire. Her art is the map of her life’s journey and a mirror for others to see themselves in; to resonate with, relate to and heal any trauma. Born and raised in Amiens, France, Tennessee was encouraged from a young age to explore her natural creative talent, which led to her gaining entry into the prestigious Parisian school ESAG Penninghen where she excelled, attaining a master’s degree in graphic design. At the completion of her training she was offered an opportunity to enter the Parisian fashion scene as an art director. After exploring the potential of a professional career on the path well travelled, she decided to take a leap of faith and explore the diversity of Australia, New Zealand and the United States, where she discovered arts and culture festivals such as Burning Man and the lifestyle these events teach. Tennessee now calls Melbourne, Australia home, and through the local music and arts scene has become inspired to combine formal graphic design with visionary art, surrealism and symbolism to form her unique style. Visions and ideas arise from her subconscious, communicating lessons to be applied to life. Themes of inner strength and courage are expressed on canvas to motivate everyone to strive to self-actualise and embrace their life path. For more of Tennessee’s works visit: You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Patreon and Tiktok @visionaryartbymessiah