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on a mission is to inspire! “I use art as a tool for personal and spiritual growth and transformation as well as to relate to others and the world.” “I aim to open a whole kaleidoscope of color for those who wish to engage: visually and imaginatively. I aim to pull you into a new adventure! Naomi is an established visual and performance artist who supports important conservation movements and activist groups who are working for a more sustainable world. particularly highlighting the stresses of the world’s water sources and their life. The ocean. Her work reflects her Diving experience. “I feel I have a special insight having spent thousands of hours under the water diving all over the world, seeing the deterioration of many of our incredible undersea scapes, and the devastation to the life which inhabits it, this first hand experience has made me rise as an ocean conservation advocate.” Naomi’s collaboration with DiveR Australia has taken her art to the heart of freediving culture. now her work has a cult following worldwide.