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Zoë Rayne is an oil painter from Melbourne, Australia whose realistic paintings create a narrative of her spiritual journeys, vivid dreams, and the interweaving of magic, ritual and myth throughout her life. With a deep connection to the natural world, Zoë has always felt called to depict humanity’s inherent inseparability with nature and how this relates in other realms existing beyond our ordinary state of being. A painter of the liminal, Zoë strives to portray a sense of mystery, intrigue and eeriness in her work which can be used as portals to transport the viewer into other realms; in-between spaces where magic lives and speaks to us in a language that we all seek to remember. Her paintings are a reclamation of ancestral and old ways of being found in myth, story and folklore. In her recent works, kink, and more specifically rope bondage, are portrayed as otherworldly rituals; mystical and ephemeral moments in time with figures bound and marked in magical symbols.