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Javier Calzada AKA BlueMD is a visual designer/audio producer who expresses music through the art of interactive video performances (VJ-DJ). As a part of the Australian electronic music movement, he has been performing for more than 10 years since 2004 in a variety of events/festivals/club nights around Melbourne (BIG:RED:BUS, ThickAsThieves, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Strawberry Fields, Chiwowah Town, The Sound Garden, TwistedAudio, Myaeon to name a few). BlueMD's background in music production and multimedia design pushed his creativity to the next logical level, live video and audio mixing. Incorporating animation, natural elements, live video camera feeds, real-time video generation and a massive selection of video loops, Javier builds an immersive visual world that matches the music being performed live, creating a fully exciting and engaging experience for the spectators.