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Entoptic (VJ) is part Multimedia Machine, part eclectic Visual Artist and part DankMemeLord. Every performance is unique, creatively blending multiple layers of high definition visual content and animation, and often adding random (and sometimes edgy and unusual) images or video, sourced from the dankest part of the world wide web and beyond. Entoptic creates outstanding projection installations, usually performing lively (on-the-fly) utilising cutting edge technology and a passion drawn from a long life of working in the event/music industry, and spending more time online than is healthy for a normal social life. Entoptic's meticulously layered visual shows are an orgy of intelligently blended motion loops with unique custom content, controlled live to ensure the viewer is sufficiently mesmerized. Entoptic is often booked to perform at many of Australia's best Music, Arts and Lifestyle Festivals, alongside other leading VJ artists and supporting major international and Australian headline artists - including but not limited to - Ace Ventura (ISR), Talamasca (FRA), Smoke Sign (USA), Sensient (AUS/GER), Ananda Shake (ISR), Koan Sound (UK), Culprate (UK), Icicle (NL), Twisted Sibling (Tetrameth & Shadow FX collab) (AUS), Marten Granau (DK), D-Nox (GER), Rinkadink (SA), Grouch (NZ), Knobs (ITA), Skiitour (CAN), Spoonbill (AUS), Kalya Scintilla (AUS/USA), Mungo's HiFi (UK - Scot), Smilk, Paul Abad, Bumble, Pspiralife, Volkiene, Cheshire, Ryanosaurus, Dinobitch, Bass To Pain Converter, Barons of Tang, Die Rude and many more.