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Contact Details
If you have a preferred name other than the provided legal first name, please list here.
About You
Please upload a clear photo of yourself. Please note the uploaded image must be of the applicant - applications with random images will not be accepted.
One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be larger than 800x500 pixels. Images larger than 5000x5000 pixels will be resized.

Date of Birth

Please specify any previous experience as an event volunteer or employee - including the role/position, name of event and year worked.
Let us know what current work role(s) / skills you have which may be relevant to the volunteer selection process
Relevant Qualifications
Tell us a bit about yourself and why you would be a suitable choice for volunteering at this event.
If you have a special message or some questions for the event organisers, write it here.
What work will you do ?
Preferred Tasks
To maximise your chances please select all options you would be willing to work in as we will generally not allocate you to a department/task you have not selected here, Some tasks require a qualification e.g blue card, driver license, white card, etc
If you have any comments to make about your preferred task selection above, such as order of preference, previous work with any department or if you have been pre-selected to volunteer in a specific position by a department head .. please write it here.
Preferred Volunteering Timeframe
Please note that this is only an indication of your preferences, as most of our departments only run during the show days of the festival. By applying to volunteer for this festival you are required to be available to volunteer during these times and you may additionally indicate your preferences/availability on other days.
If you have friends also applying to volunteer at this event and you want to request working with them, list their names here.
Emergency Contact Details
Please list any medical conditions you have which the event organisers should be aware of.
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