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Aaron Campbell and Gabi Bohnet

Aaron and Gabi both became Zenthai Shiatsu therapists 10 years ago and live and practise near Byron Bay. They trained with Gwyn Williams who integrated the art of Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and Osteopathic techniques into one unique bodywork flow. This is a practise of focused intention, a dance between giver and receiver, where two bodies move as one energy flow. This artform is based on the 5 elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine which views the human body as part of nature and relates our different organs /meridians to different seasons. In a workshop we focus on the current season to sync our bodies with the energy of the environment around us. We love to introduce and teach people about the energy flow in the meridians through movement based classes and partner yoga. This helps us and others to remember the importance of our connection to nature and each other. We have been sharing this passion at many festivals and within our community and love to offer it to Earth Frequency.

Zenthai Shiatsu Partner Yoga and Massage Swap

This workshop will contain 2 parts: Partner Yoga and Massage Swap We begin in a sacred circle, igniting our community of trust and warming up. Through Partner Yoga we explore the art of gracefully giving and receiving, working with each others bodies, activating the meridians and getting the energy flowing. Partner yoga teaches us compassion for each other, trust and good communication which help us in every aspect of our life. We mutually support each other to gain a deeper stretch, greater strength whilst having fun together. We will then facilitate a guided Zenthai Shiatsu Massage flow working with partners. Everyone will get to give and receive a 30 minute treatment. As it will be summer, we will be embracing the element of fire. Summer time is when spring expands to its maximum potential! We, who are part of Nature, can live and express in the same way - it's the time to enjoy evolving into the blossom from the seed that we planted in spring. Suitable for ALL LEVELS