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ALPHAMAMA is a Self Love Activist who champions all things women, beauty and connection to Spirit. She is the founder of Church of The Goddess, a growing movement that worships art and celebrates the divine in all things. She also runs God Queen, a record label that mentors, develops and releases female artists. Growing up as the daughter of an Indonesian preacher and a European South African Nurse, she is naturally gifted as a healer and truth speaker. With venomous rap verses and womb deep wailing, her voice has been described as Honey Fire to soothe and ignite the soul. She is here to initiate you into fierce vulnerability and the authority of You.

Church of The Goddess

WHAT IS CHURCH OF THE GODDESS? It is the Church of No Taboo - The Church of The Inner Child - The Church of Sexual Freedom - The Church of Curiosity Church of The Goddess is a new spiritual movement that honours the divinity in all things. It is a reclamation of the Self. Through immersive arts, ritual theatre and deep listening, we create our own ceremonies and sacred rites. Church of The Goddess is coming home to yourself. A place to reconcile your own personal relationship to ‘God’, defined by your own experience. We interchange the words God, Goddess, Source, Spirit, The Universe, Higher Self as we feel. We revere aesthetics and allow ourselves to be moved by what is present and true. Art is Prayer. It is Beauty witnessing Beauty. This workshop is open to all humans (non-gender specific) who wish to reconnect with the deep beauty within.