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André discovered Yoga in the early 90′s during numerous visits to India and Nepal, where he found himself in direct contact with the Sadhus, Tantrics, Fakires and Naga Babas. His yoga pilgrimages have taken him to India at the Maha Khumba Mela in 2001, 2003, 2013, Kailash Montain (Tibet) in 2008 and numerous visits to Nepal to experience the sacred holy cities and dive deeper into the yoga culture. He was awakened to Hatha and Astanga Yoga practices during a visit to Mysore, where he met BNS Iyengar and Guruji Pattabhi Jois in 2003. After returning to Brazil, André studied and with pioneer Regina Ehlers in 2005. Always seeking to learn more, he has continued his practice with masters of different styles both in Brazil and around the world, participating in workshops with Carla & Mathew Volmer (Rio -UK), Manju Jois (India), Danny Paradise (Hawaii), Lino Miele (Italy), Amado (Mexico), Tarik Van Prem (Portugal), Matt Coriolano (Hawaii), Michael Ganon (Thailand) and Noah Williams (Los Angeles), to name a few. He taught at Gam yoga in Sao Paulo from 2010 till 2016 and currently teaches at festivals, events and yoga surf retreats along side his partner Rache and their project Rainbow Tribe. He DJs at festivals and ecstatic dance parties around the world, previously known as DJ Sohm. André has also helped produce documentaries about indigenous tribes around the world, and attributes some of his teachings to the time he spent in their company.

Yoga Sadhana with Andre Meyer

Yoga sadhana is a simple asana practice to expanding health, rejuvenation and connecting more deeply to nature within and without. This hour class is influenced by the Sadhus and will share Asana (posture), Kriyas (Cleansing) and Pranayama (Breathing). André leads a unique yoga class with mixed styles of hatha, with the intent of sharing his knowledge in a free, relaxed and ultimately therapeutic manner.