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Annaliese Hordern

Symbiotic Nature

Annaliese Hordern is a passionate Permaculture, sustainability and community development educator, with a strong focus on Ethnobotanical research and lifestyle. She strives to evolve the Permaculture Design Course curriculum and advanced classes so that it inspires participants toward personal and global change. Annaliese has undertaken numerous advanced Permaculture trainings around the globe, documenting Permaculture pioneers and next generation practitioners, providing a solid grounding for her teaching practice. She has visited and lived on many Eco-communities demonstrating inspiring examples of sustainability – infusing these influences into her transformative education programs through Symbiotic Nature and into a one acre Permaculture property on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Annaliese holds a degree in Environmental Resource Management, a Diploma of Permaculture and has served as a director of Permaculture Australia for 3 years. Her extensive plant knowledge extends from Peruvian Amazon Rainforest species to plant fibre weaving, self taught herbalism and Propagator of plants at Green Harvest Organic Gardening, Australia’s premier supplier of edible, rare and useful plants. Her workshop on 'Permaculture Plants' is an interactive, engaging & hands on session designed to give participants genuine appreciation of the role plants fulfil in Permaculture.

Permaculture Plants : Planting for Life

In Permaculture we often talk about the “layers” or composition of plant species that make up healthy forest ecosystems. As we become familiar with the functions plants can offer, we increase our ability to design for smarter living that encounters nature, mimics natural systems, harvests multiple yields and benefits, while creating the conditions for ecology around us to thrive. In this interactive session we shall explore a selection of living permaculture plants Annaliese will showcase from her place of work at Green Harvest, examining a range of multifunctional benefits these plants can offer our Permaculture living landscapes that also provide food, medicine, improve soil, attract beneficial insects and support pollination. Some of these plants include: Sambung Nyawa, Pintos Peanut, Vetiver grass and Pineapple Sage.