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Annaliese Hordern & Rupert Faust

Grounded Permaculture & Symbiotic Nature

Annaliese Hordern Annaliese is a passionate Permaculture, sustainability and community development educator, with a strong focus on Ethnobotanical research. She strives to evolve the Permaculture Design Course curriculum and advanced classes so that it inspires participants toward personal and global change. Annaliese has undertaken numerous advanced Permaculture trainings around the globe, documenting Permaculture pioneers and next generation practitioners. She has visited and lived on many Eco-communities demonstrating inspiring examples of sustainability – infusing these influences into her transformative education programs through Symbiotic Nature and into a one acre Permaculture property on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Rupert Faust As the founder of Grounded Permaculture Action Party (Inc.) and label boss of Beanstalk Records, Rupert's enthusiasm for growing music and food is highly contagious. His dedication to environmental, social and cultural change is second to none. Aside from all his music endeavours, Rupert holds a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and spent a number of years conforming to the urban water and wastewater industry, working on multi-million dollar projects and gaining a breadth of experience in the planning, design, operation and construction of urban infrastructure. Fed up with this dysfunctional system and developing patch work solutions within a paradoxical paradigm, Rupert's interest in growing food, living off-grid and taking responsibility for his own existence inevitably led him down the path of permaculture.

Design Your Life with Permaculture : a visioning process

At it’s core, Permaculture is an evolving set of ethics and principles that tap into our collective common sense. Unlocking the ancient wisdom of our ancestors that’s built into our biology and observed in the natural world around us, Permaculture can guide us to make better decisions in our everyday lives… it’s not just about gardening! This engaging and interactive workshop Rupert and Annaliese will take participants through a visioning process to articulate a meaningful life affirming goal and frame it within the ethics of Permaculture; Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share. Sinking deeper, they will then guide participants through a process to use permaculture principles to formulate a practical pathway of action to manifest this goal into reality.