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Nirvana and Aurora are originally from Australia. They met in 2017 at an Amazonian plant medicine retreat in the Shipibo village where Aurora was studying full time Plant Spirit Shamanism. They now base themselves semi permanently in the Northern Peruvian Amazon. Where their love for the tribes there has inspired them to create an NGO called Tribal Vision. Dedicating their life to studying plant medicine, facilitating plant medicine retreats and giving back to the community in which they have received so much from.

Cocao Ceremony and Dance Journey

This workshop is a fluid ceremony, with a fusion of Cocao plant medicine, dance, music, singing and free expression. We are creating a space for community to come together to share traditionally brewed ceremonial Cocao from Guatemala, along with prayers, intention and medicine songs. This will be followed by a short ecstatic dance to bring ourselves into our bodies and ground this plant medicine into our expressions. Our limit for this ceremony will be 60 participants, so please come prepared with your intention, plenty of water and fast from food 2 hours prior to ceremony. Cacao ceremonies has been performed for 1000’s of years by the indigenous tribes of Central America. Cocao is known as the food of the Gods. It can bring us into a deeper connection with ourselves and our truest nature. Cocao is a heart-based medicine and when prepared with intention can allow us to reach deep spaces of expansion within ourselves. Ecstatic dance is the ultimate free expression to allow yourself to enter into the healing space of both sound and your body. Your union into the journey of music and to open your body into a deep soul release and surrender into the power of sound and vibration. Together through this meditation of music and movement we will ground into the land, the festival and ourselves.