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Deepen your dance movement and Meditation

There is more to dance than people realise, meaningful movement can heal and reconnect you to your higher self as well as align you to your highest vibration. Introducing Deepen Your Dance movement & meditation workshop. - drop into the space with a blue lotus tea ceremony with intention setting and acknowledgement of the land - Activate and open your 7 chakras through guided movement sequences - Embody your spirit animal and discover your true power through guidance of animal medicine - Ground yourself learning contemporary dance floor work, connecting you back to mother Earth - Create light protection from negativity around your body by moving energy around your energetic field - Express your emotions through ecstatic free flow movement to a variety of sounds and music - Rediscover your inner child and release old emotions that no longer serve you - Connect with others through a profound ancient practice Called Eye Gazing with movement Lay in meditation and receive a group metamorphosis energy healing, cleansing chakra blockages, changing the energetic field of the individual to a higher frequency. Receive a light language channelling to heal and activate DNA to reach the souls highest potential. Light language is channeled dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light, from high vibrational beings in other dimensions. This workshop will leave you feeling open, cleansed, energised, connected and radiating love from your heart space.